Are you interested in astrology but not quite sure where to start?
 Do you want to explore astrology and it's relationship to our life's lessons?
Are you ready to use astrology as a tool to navigate and overcome your personal struggles?

Learn right along side

Psychic Medium Daniel Monroe & Intuitive Astrologer Rachael Graham

In this extremely empowering online class you will learn what each astrology sign struggles with the most and what life lesson your astrological sign needs to overcome karmically. Gain insight on the unique aspects that challenge us within each element, and about Pluto. Now, you're probably wondering what exactly Pluto has to do with it and in this class we will go over ALL the details. Pluto, called the planet of transformation, can tell you a lot about where you will have work to do in this life depending on where its placement is in your personal chart.

In this online class hosted by Daniel and Rachael, we will go over:


~Pluto and why it's called the planet of transformation.


~Where Pluto is in your chart and how it affects your life.


~The different elements and how they also relate to your life's lessons


~How to overcome your personal struggles and release self-defeat.


~Gain a deeper level of self-understanding and compassion for yourself using astrology.

~Learn how to respond more confidently when dealing with your signs triggers.

And More!

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with any smartphone, computer or tablet.

May 30, 2020 @ 6:30pm PST

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ONLY $40





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